Sunday, August 19, 2007

A quest to learn how to make diaper cakes

About 2 years ago I was frantically searching around for a fun and unique baby shower gift for my soon to be twin nephews. I realized that the last baby shower that I attended was 4 years ago – and I knew that the old standard – some diapers and a gift bag of baby items - was not going to work. And since these were my nephews, the first twins in the family, I wanted something a bit more special. This was my chance to finally be the person who brought something original and creative – something that people would talk about during and after the party. That research lead me to discover something called baby diaper cakes. Then with that gift idea in hand, I began my quest to learn how to make diaper cakes.

I was just amazed at just how many kinds of diaper cakes can be made - with some creativity the the possibilities are endless. So read on and discover for yourself just how easy it is to learn how to make diaper cakes from scratch. Of course there is an even easier way - like having one made for you....but more on that later.

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Carrie Anne Shepherd said...

I, too, had such a quest once and made a few diaper cakes myself. I quickly realized how time consuming it is. Definitely fun, but time-consuming. I've since written an article with free diaper cake instructions. If you try making a diaper cake of your own, please let me know if I left out any steps or if you have any other suggestions. I'd very much appreciate a critique. Thanks!