Monday, August 20, 2007

16 Popular Ideas for Girl Diaper Cakes

Yes it is true, more people request ideas and theme suggestions for girl diaper cakes than for boys. Maybe people feel they can be a bit more creative with girl diaper cakes - or maybe there are just more baby girls being born lately. Well at least that is what one study has found. Well since we did a list of best boy diaper cake themes - we have to do one for girl diaper cake themes.

Now onto those great diaper cakes for baby girls. Below is a compiled list of 16 popular themes and ideas used to create girl diaper cakes. Again this list is not and complete list or a list exclusively for girls - there might some ideas that sound good for a particular mother expecting a boy - then go ahead as use it. For example I think Danica Patrick might appreciate a race car diaper cake if she were going to have a boy or a girl.
  1. Angels
  2. Cowgirl / Western
  3. Winnie the Pooh
  4. Lady Bugs
  5. Princess
  6. My Little Ponies
  7. Hello Kitty
  8. Zoo animals
  9. Teddy bears
  10. Basic Pink /Stork
  11. Rubber ducks / Frogs
  12. Underwater/ mermaid theme
  13. Sports / Golf/ Soccer / Tennis
  14. Precious moments / snow babies
  15. Religious / Lamb
  16. Baby toy specific / baby einstein toys
Of course you can do any of the themes listed by themselves or by creating a "Baby's First...." or "My First..." to any of these ideas. My favorite girl diaper cakes have been the ones that go beyond just pink ribbon and are decorated a bit different - like hello kitty or even using the nursery theme. My favorite girl diaper cake to make or have made is the lady bug diaper cake.

And remember pink is nice but not all the time. And be sure to check out the boy diaper cake list for additional ideas.

Here is another great page full of pictures of well done girl diaper cakes. Again use it for ideas and inspiration when you go to create your own diaper cake. Of course there is nothing wrong with ordering one that you like instead of making it - I have done that as well. The site is Lil Baby Cakes and they have some great themes - and they definitely have well made make diaper cakes.

Here is a great creative example for a girl diaper cakes from Lil Baby Cakes - a Mod Mom themed cake - again a bit unexpected but that is what makes this diaper cake so nice. I just think this is one of the coolest.

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