Sunday, August 19, 2007

Boy Diaper Cake Ideas and Themes

Learning how to make diaper cakes is only part of the process. The next piece is coming up with ideas and themes, and sometimes it can be challenging. So here are some suggestions to get you going. While these are listed as diaper cake ideas for boys, many of them can be used for girl diaper cakes as well!
  1. Jungle
  2. Trains / Thomas
  3. Nascar / racing cars
  4. Zoo animals
  5. Teddy bears
  6. Basic Blue /Stork
  7. Frogs
  8. Dogs/Puppies
  9. Bob the Builder/ tools
  10. Rubber ducky
  11. Golf
  12. Sports - Baseball/Football/ Basketball/Soccer
  13. Precious moments/religious / Noah's Art
  14. Cowboy/ western
  15. Baby toy specific / baby einstein toys
Of course another idea would be that you could do any one of the above themes by themselves or you can just add "Baby's First...." or "My First..." as part of the theme. Personally some of my favorite ones have incorporated things that the expecting dad loves to do. My brother - the father of the twin boys - is a huge NASCAR fan. I can't tell you how much he loved the Jeff Gordon / Nascar diaper cake I created with him in mind.

I found this great page full of examples of well done diaper cakes for boys. Check it out as it will give you more ideas and show you just how beautiful these diaper cakes really can be. The site is Lil Baby Cakes and they have some great themes - they definitely know how to make diaper cakes for sure. So use the site for inspiration for your own creation or just save some time and order one from them.

Here is a great example from Lil Baby Cakes - a blue and green frog themed diaper cake

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