Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How To Make Diaper Cakes - Layered Method Diaper Cakes

While the most common way to make diaper cakes is the rolled method, I have come across a few more creative techniques. This one is called the layered diaper cake because it "layers" the diapers instead of rolling them. Now this method does result in a much larger diaper cake (requires more diapers) than the rolled method. And because the diapers are not rolled, this cake has a much looser appearance. For that reason I know several people that do not like this method for making diaper cakes. But with that said there are some benefits, it is much easier to transport as if can be re-assembled with easy and it is easier for the new mom to take apart. And sometimes that is a consideration, like my friend who suffers from arthritis.

Layered Diaper Cake Ingredients:

95 -100 disposable Diapers

3 yards of large ribbon

Large rubber bands or about 2.5 yards of elastic (which ever is available / easiest to find)

Small baby items (baby pins, pacifiers, rattles, teething rings, combs, bibs, etc)

Large round serving tray or base cut from cardboard (again something inexpensive but supportive)

Cake Topper - stuffed animal, doll, baby keepsake - something that matches your diaper cake theme

First create the base tier. Take 50 diapers and begin laying them out on their sides, side by side, on top of the tray/carboard support. I place a baby bottle in the center of the base layer and work the diapers around that. Now you don't have to use a baby bottle, just make sure you keep a space about 4 inches wide at the center. This space is necessary to make this tier bigger than the next tier. I also angle the diapers slightly to give this tier a roundness. Now the tough part is to get them really tight together before you tie them off. I find getting a friend to hold them tightly in place as I wrap the elastic around them all to secure them works the best.

Now you are ready to create the second tier of diapers. Take 35 diapers (sometimes I have used 40 - depends on the diaper size) and begin laying each one out on their sides, again with a slight angle to create some roundness. You do not need to keep any space at the center for this tier - that was only for the bottom tier to make sure it was wide enough to support the other two tiers. Then hold them tightly in place and tie off with the elastic or rubber band/

Now for the top tier, you will make it just like the second tier, taking 10 diapers and laying them at an angle in such a way you create a small circle. Again secure this layer with rubber bands or elastic.

Then just place the tiers on top of each other. Wrap the ribbon around each layer to hide the elastic and decorate with the small baby items. I like attaching them to the ribbon or tucking them behind the ribbon rather than tucking in items between the diapers. Then just add your cake topper of choice and viola!

Below is what a layered diaper cake looks like - before being decorated. You will notice the way that the diapers are angled on the middle and top tiers to give it that cake roundness. It gives you an especially good visual on how the top tier has been angled into a relatively tighter small circle. Hope you find this alternative diaper cake making method useful.

This layered method is just another great way to make diaper cakes.

And if you are interested in learning more techniques and want the quickest and easiest way to learn how to make diaper cakes, then check out these step-by-step diaper cake making videos.

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'Nilla Wafer said...

hi, does the other method of rolling the diapers result in a crease in the diaper? Does it depend on the quality of diapers used?